Process Digitisation

Processes are one of the major cornerstones of any business. Some are still paper-based, and others are partly digital in that fillable PDFs and emails may be used to get employees and customers to fill, approve and sign documents.

SigniFlow helps you fully digitise your business processes, quickly and easily.

Total Confidence.

Business Process Digitisation - SigniFlow

A seamless digital experience for customers and employees

Business Process Digitisation

Digital Experience

Powerful front-end execution

SigniFlow enables businesses of any size to deliver a smooth and seamless digital experience to both employees and customers.

Employees can easily create workflows to send documents for approval or sign-off, while collecting supporting documents. All documents are neatly grouped in a Portfolio, which can be shared with customers or other departments to complete further tasks.

Customers get what they expect: A fast, fully digital experience that separates your business from the competitors.

All of this is achieved with a little planning and SigniFlow's off-the-shelf workflow platform.


SigniFlow makes it possible for any business to unlock the full potential and benefits of digitisation

Based on customer feedback:
Benefits of Digitisation
Benefits of Digitisation
Benefits of Digitisation
Benefits of Digitisation
Learn how we connect your departments with one another, and with customers
Find out why these great companies are all digitising their processes with SigniFlow

NEC provides the enterprise and government organisations with end-to-end technology and communications solutions that span the entire business lifecycle.

As a trusted technology provider to Governments, NEC needed to ensure that they deployed an eSignature solution that offered the ultimate in terms of information security and privacy.

SigniFlow’s on-premises solution met and exceeded these requirements, enabling users to streamline document workflows and process agreements faster, while ensuring full transparency, security, and privacy every step of the way.

We believe in a digital future that sustains life on earth