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SigniFlow in Singapore

SigniFlow Asia Pacific distributes SigniFlow advanced eSignature document workflow software through a highly experienced partner network in Singapore.

SigniFlow has a large team of software engineers and experienced business partners in the region looking after the local markets.

SigniFlow is fully integrated with Singapore eGov SingPass and meets and exceeds requirements for Electronic Signatures in accordance with the Singapore Electronic Transactions Act (ETA) 2010.

Electronic Signatures in Singapore

In response to the rapid pace at which the global technology landscape is evolving, the Singapore government has announced Singapore's goal to become a leading Digital Economy.

Singapore has legally recognised electronic signatures since 2010, when the Electronic Transactions Act (ETA) was enacted. The ETA provides for the legal recognition and use of electronic signatures. Under section 8 of the ETA, electronic signatures may be recognised as the functional equivalent of "wet-ink" signatures if the method used 1) can identify the signatory and indicates the signatory's intention in respect of the contents of the document; and 2) is appropriately reliable considering the purpose of the document.

SigniFlow Advanced eSignature document workflow software assists businesses in Singapore in becoming more efficient and more secure. Get ready to conduct business in a digital world with modernised standards.

Join the Advanced eSignature document workflow solution that offers the ultimate in compliance when signing documents electronically in Singapore.

SigniFlow supports privacy compliance with locally-based data centres in Singapore as well as on-premise solutions.

The Workflow Engine

A powerful timesaver built with simplicity in mind.

Use forms or saved templates, or import documents from your favourite applications.

Workflow documents to management for internal approval, and to customers for eSignatures in one workflow step.

Send one or multiple documents in a single workflow. Add one or multiple signers in sequence, as a group, or mix it up.

Prepare beautiful documents and forms with drag-and-drop fields.

Release the magic.

It's never been easier to send, sign, track and manage your documents
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Core Workflow Features

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Our Portfolios feature offers a customer portal where any document can be uploaded, shared and sent for eSigning.

Sharing the Portfolio with your customer means they can upload supporting documents when they sign, or directly into the portal, and the system will notify you of any activity via email.

All signed contracts are neatly filed together, with supporting documentation, creating an organised portal where documents can be easily managed and found.

Giving internal departments - such as Admin, Finance or HR - access to your Portfolio will save you hours a week, and eliminate the need for you to send documents via email.

A document portal like no other. Simplify and automate your document management
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Core Portfolio Features

Included in Business License


The only eSignature platform that allows you to choose between Electronic Signatures and Digital Signatures at no additional cost.

SigniFlow offers two types of signatures to all users. When setting up a workflow, users can set the signature type per recipient.

Request the faster, more convenient Electronic Signature for more basic contracts or internal approvals;

Or ensure maximum security and compliance with regulations by using SigniFlow's trusted free Digital Signature.

In addition, SigniFlow supports all types of internationally accredited Advanced Electronic Signatures (AES) and European Union accredited eIDAS Qualified Electronic Signatures (QES).

Effortless eSignatures, backed by big security
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Core eSignature Features

Included in Business License

The race to zero emissions is on


Businesses everywhere have spoken - and we've listened. We get you. Dealing with customers and suppliers, each with their own systems and processes, can be a tedious task.

You need more than just eSign workflow. You need an intuitive tool that understands your day at the office.

24/7 Support

We get your office hours

Finally, a software company that has actual people giving its customers - and their customers - 24/7 online support, for free. Our support ninjas are the best in the game.


Industry-leading infrastructure

Connect to any of our 8 international data centres and experience true 99.9% uptime. Over the past 24 months, we've exceeded our 99.5% uptime target across all regions.


IT Security Management

Our Information Security Management System is ISO27001:2013 certified and our Quality Management System is ISO9001: 2015 certified by TÜV Rheinland.


Compliance is our game

SigniFlow's international, segregated security infrastructure ensures customer data is processed in accordance with the most stringent international privacy and cross-border data protection laws, such as GDPR, LGPD and POPI.

The SigniFlow eSignature complies with the EU eIDAS Regulation, the US ESIGN Act, the South African ECT Act, and many other regulations around the world, including countries like Australia, United Kingdom, United Emirates, Qatar, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Chile, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, and many more.

To find out more about eSignature regulations in your country, contact us for a free consultation.

Core System Features

Included in Business License

Core Administration Features

Included in Business License


International Best Practices


Fully Supported

Deployment Options

Cloud (SaaS)

Get your business online in minutes
Connect to any of our global Cloud services in your region. Register for a free trial account or get yourself or your business online in minutes by visiting our eSign License Plans and subscribing today.

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Your Cloud

Own your deployment
SigniFlow's Hybrid technology allows you to deploy SigniFlow in your favourite Data Centre. We support Hypervisor Vitual Machine (VM) and modernised containerised cluster deployments, like Kubernetes.

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Bring it in-house
SigniFlow Hybrid technology caters for the most demanding of security use-cases. Deploy SigniFlow in your Server room on a HyperVisor Virtual Machine environment and connect it to your legacy systems.

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SigniFlow Hybrid Technology

Technology so powerful, it's changing the game
It's about what you want. Our Hybrid technology was developed by SigniFlow engineers over the course of 8 years, to ensure the most stringent customer demands for choice and security would be met.

Essentially, SigniFlow Hybrid technology allows any customer, in any location, to rapidly deploy their own SigniFlow instance in almost any environment, and any location. The tech does all the heavy lifting for you when it comes to cryptography, identity management, and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). In addition, it caters to high-security use cases, where customers want to deploy on-premise behind a private firewall or use their own private PKI.

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Core Deployment Features

Why choose SigniFlow?

Increased Security

World-class, industry-leading modern infrastructure and technology that addresses the security use case.

More Choice

Brand it your way, deploy it where you want it, and sign with the compliant eSignature type of your choice.


A solution that offers peace of mind and simplicity, without compromising on security or compliance.


There is no reason to pay the prices our competitors charge. Get a quotation from us and compare.


Industry leaders that can say "Eureka!"

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